Landscaping – (Other curb styles available upon request)

Slant Style – The Slant Style is the most popular product Custom Curb has to offer. This style is both functional and beautiful because the front side of the curb is generally set at ground level to accommodate lawn mower wheels. The slanted look shows off any texturing or stamping that may be applied.

Mower Style – This style is popular because it is installed to both accommodate a lawn mower wheel and at the same time retain gardening materials because of it’s higher back side. It also has great curb appeal because it sets off the landscaping with a picture perfect frame type of look.

Brick Paver


Belgian / Running Bond

Spanish / Basket Weave

London Cobble

Belgian / Basket Weave

Large / Cobble Strike

Spanish Large / Cobble Strike

Spanish / Running Bond

Granite Running Bond

Wood Grain

Spanish / Brick Paver

Basket Weave

Castle Rock

Granite / Large Cobblestrike

Castle Stone


Brick Weave

Soldier Course


Colors – Custom Curb’s colors are:


Brick Red

Rusty Red Brown

Sandy Buff

Indian Brown

Terra Cotta

Dark Orange Buff

Hershey Chocolate

Earthtone Red

Dark Buff

  • Synthetic
  • Stable to all atmospheric conditions
    (ie. ultra violet rays as well as alkalis and normal acid conditions)
  • Sun-fast
  • Lime-proof
  • Absolutely free of any water soluble fillers